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bdswiss erfahrungen

Sõrve 2018 Dates: 11am Sunday 7 January 2018 - 10am Sunday 14 January 2018

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Don't forget to complete the Point Wolstoncroft Medical and Consent Form!

Booking Number: 515041
Booking Start Date: 07/01/2018
Booking Venue: Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreation Centre
Name of Organisation and/or Organiser: Sydney Estonian Parents & Friends Association

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Registration Process:

The department of NSW Sport of Recreation have advised that ALL participants MUST now formally register with Point Wolstoncroft at least 21 days prior to attending Sõrve. As such, the Sõrve Sõbrad committee have tighten the registration process to ensure that we receive all bookings in time. 

For those who will be requiring accommodation at Sõrve 2018 our Registration completion date will be 30 November 2017. 

A new, simple online registration process has been developed. Here is an overview of the changes and what this means for you:




Impacts and why the Change 

Sõrve will advertise a Link to the Website to commence the registration process 

This link will be advertised on our current social media sites as well as via email. 

In opening the link, we'll ask for some very basic information, as well as your intended length of stay. 

Day visitors are always welcome however if you partake in any activity or wish to have a meal at camp then we will need the on-line registration completed and appropriate fees paid. This can be done at camp during camp week. 

We need this information in order to contact you to confirm accommodation and payment of fees. 

After completion of Step 2, we'll direct you to the online Point Wolstoncroft registration page. 

A special code will be given to open this link. 

Point Wolstoncroft will ask for similar information to what we have requested in the past. 

Note, we will no longer be accepting paper registration forms. 

Parents/guardians must complete this registration survey for each child under the age of 18 as they will be required to accept an acknowledgement at the end of the registration process. 

What should I bring?

Don’t forget that bedding is not provided so you will need to bring sheets and a blanket.

Download the CheckList Here

What if I want to visit Sõrve?

We welcome visitors to Sõrve, as it will enhance the experience your child & family at camp. We have a established visitors policy to ensure the safety of all campers, attendees and visitors during the duration of Sõrve. All visitors are to be familiar with this policy prior to arrival at Sõrve and can be downloaded below.

Download the Visitors Management Policy

Other Information

Sõrve Summer Camp is run by Sõrve Sobrad (Sydney Estonian Parents’ and Friends’ Association) which is a registered not for profit organisation. The organisation is bound by a Constitution that governs how the organisation is run. Each year a committee is elected by its members to administer the organisation and ensure that the Sõrve Traditions are upheld and a camp is running.

Download the Sõrve Sõbrad Constitution