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    Sõrve is a Summer Camp held during the first week of January each year, at Point Wolstoncroft Sport and Recreational facility on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Sõrve has a wide range of indoor and outdoor sporting and Estonian cultural activities organised to ensure a fun-filled week is enjoyed by all.

You are welcome to challenge yourself

Every day at Sõrve is different. Activities and events are coordinated and tailored to suit the various age groups including swimming, sailing, canoeing and kayaking, mountain bike riding, challenge ropes and the big swing. Estonian cultural activities, including language lessons, arts, crafts, folk dancing and singing, are included in the daily program and form the central premise for Sõrve.




For Children aged 8-18,

    For Children aged 8-18, an action-packed program is organised by our volunteer youth leaders. Kids are accommodated with their peers and participate in activities in groups of a similar age. Team building skills are developed and encouraged.

Youth Leadership

    Youth Leadership is developed through the Sõrve volunteer leaders program. Young adults with links to the world-wide Estonian community are encouraged to apply to participate in order to develop their leadership skills. Leaders are mentored to contribute in the planning coordination and overall supervision of events and activities.

Young Families

    Young Families with children aged 0-8 are also encouraged to attend Sõrve. Camp provides an environment where young families have the option to engage in age appropriate activities with other family groups, at their own pace or take time out to relax.



Adults & Visitors

    Activities for Adults and Visitors include a week-long schedule of events that adults can enjoy at their leisure. You can choose to engage in a variety of tours, bush walks, adult team sports, arts and crafts, cultural activities and performances. Alternatively, you can simply choose to observe activities from a distance, relax in the picturesque environment, make new friendships and re-kindle old ones. Visitors are welcome to drop in for the day and overnight stays


You are welcome in the circle of friendship

While Estonian content and culture underpins everything we do at Sõrve, this is under-taken in a truly Australian context celebrating everything that is worthwhile in both our old and new traditions. Evening activities include games, fancy dress theme nights, camp fires and performances. At the end of each day you are invited to join the ‘Circle of Friendship’ and continue the wonderful spirit that is Sõrve.


The Australian / Estonian community has been co-ordinating Sõrve Summer Camp for more than 60 years and has a long standing tradition of;

  • Providing an opportunity for Australian children with Estonian connections to come together to enrich their cultural knowledge in a friendly and safe environment.
  • Providing our young adults with opportunities to develop youth leadership and mentoring skills that will flow on to the wider Australian / Estonian community. 

"Sõrve is more than a picturesque location, exciting sports and cultural activities. It is the spirit and unique bond of friendships that lasts a lifetime."

Sorve Summer Camp is run by Sorve Sobrad (Sydney Estonian Parents’ and Friends’ Association) which is a registered not for profit organisation. The organisation is bound by a Constitution that governs how the organisation is run. Each year a committee is elected by its members to administer the organisation and ensure that the Sorve Traditions are upheld and a camp is running.

Download the Sorve Sobrad Constitution


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